As the designer I create home decors, bedding & more! The products that I offer, are custom decorative pillows,bed/body pillows,  vases,comforters,candle holders, gift baskets and much more.  The most  enjoyable moment about creating my products is knowing that my clients will fall in love with their new purchase. You may order items from my online store or place a custom order!

My Mission

My mission is to add peace & beauty to clients' homes, offices & businesses while striving for customer satisfaction.

My Story

     I went into business because God gave me this vision & I love being creative. There is a certain level of peace that comes over me while I create different products. God told me that not only would this change my family's finances , but it will help many people! It took some convincing for me to follow the vision that God had given me. I would be excited & believe that I could do it some days & then other days I just couldn't see how it was possible. I knew that I enjoyed being creative,  but I couldn't see how I was going to get to what God had promised me. I also had a desire to help those who lacked peace in their life, so I started praying over my products. One day, one of my customers called me & asked "What did you do to that pillow?" I nervously responded by saying  "What do you mean?" He said that when he laid on his custom pillow, it made him fall asleep quickly & he experienced the best sleep ever! I smiled & told him that I did pray over it & asked God to give him peace. That was the day that I was truly convinced that God wanted me to be serious about the vision & that he would cover me. So I lost fear & adopted Faith! 

Story Part 1

Story Part 2

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